How do I order?Contact me directly by email or telephone. I’ll ship in stock items within two days, or give you a timetable for shipment on items that have to be fired. Shipments will arrive with an invoice, which you can remit within 30 days by check or credit card.

What types of payment do you accept?I accept major credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express,but I am also very happy to accept your personal check. My policy is payment after receipt, so I know you’re happy.

Do you ship?
Yes. Ground or post, both insured and guaranteed. Shipping is free for orders over $100. Otherwise, add 15% to your order.

Are pieces microwave safe?

What about the dishwasher?
I recommend hand washing.

And the oven?
Only warming use is recommended. Like any pottery, don’t put a cold piece from the fridge into a hot oven!

Do you make your bisque?
Nope. I prefer the consistency and ease of painting on blanks.  The painting is the focus!

Do you do custom items?
Absolutely. Any idea will be considered. Designs painted have included dogs, fish, flowers, homes, dragonflies, pine cones, blueberries, sunsets, and palm trees. Switchplates are a wonderful way to match decor from children’s rooms to wallpapered baths.

What about murals?
My pleasure. I’ll work with you to create a mural for your home, starting with a look at your site (in person or photos) to determine the best size and layout. Clients often have a particular scene or design in mind. Working from photos or our conversation, sketches will be drawn and mailed to you for comments and changes. Then, tiles will be painted and fired and delivered (if local) or shipped. This process normally takes six weeks or so, but can be done more quickly if time is tight on your budget.

Can I visit your studio?
The studio at 436 Tremont Road, West Tremont, Maine is open to the public by chance (look for my “Open” flag) or by appointment. Call 244-5299 or email me at beezinc@myfairpoint.net to make sure I’ll be around. I’d love to meet you.